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Waffle Linen bath towel, natural

Waffle Linen bath towel, natural

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A soft Roots Waffle Linen bath towel is made of 100% high-quality linen. The waffle texture makes the towel very absorbent, but it dries quickly. The fabrics are safely and organically produced and have the responsible standard Oeko-Tex certificate.

The towel is also available in the shade charcoal and as a smaller hand towel.

Estimated delivery time 3-5 working days.

Material: 100% linen

Size: 85 × 160 cm (dimensional accuracy+-5%)

Colour: natural

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Washing instructions: for best results, the Roots linen towel should be washed before the first use to improve its absorbency. For best results, wash the towel gently in cool water (40°C or below). Keep spin cycles low. The towel will shed lint during washing, which will diminish over time. Check the lint filter of the washing machine after each wash. Do not use detergents or bleach. Dry the towel by hanging it airily on a string. Tumble drying wears the fabric unnecessarily. Linen towels will soften and improve in use.
Country of origin: Lithuania