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Runo Hotel Porvoo

Plain Wool and Loop Wool carpets in special colors and sizes were implemented in Runo Hotel Porvoo. Hotel beds are decorated with Fishbone Linen bed throws.

Location: Runo Hotel Porvoo

Products: Plain Wool and Loop Wool rugs, Fishbone Linen bed throw

Interior design: Joanna Laajisto Year: 2021

The interior of Runo Hotel Porvoo is the sure handprint of the award-winning Joanna Laajisto. The interior brings out the layers of time from recent history with rustic modern inspiration. The interior has a thoughtful combination of Finnish and Nordic design as well as high-quality natural materials and a harmonious color scheme. Laajisto chose carpets and bedspreads for the hotel from the Roots Living carpet collection. The colors of the carpets were determined to match the hotel interior and the sizes according to the purpose of use of the premises. Loop Wool carpet was chosen for the lobby of the hotel and plain Wool carpets for the rooms. As a material, wool is well suited for public spaces because it is a naturally fire-safe material. In addition to Roots Living rugs, the hotel also has Fishbone Line half-day blankets. 



Sokos Hotel Torni

The completely renovated classic hotel Sokos Hotel Torni opened its doors in Helsinki in April 2022. In the new Torni, the focus is on unique and spectacular interior design. The hotel has 154 rooms in the art deco and art nouveau parts of the building. Studio Joanna Laajisto was responsible for the interior design of the rooms. Carpets of special colors and sizes were made for the hotel rooms of the tower. Roots Living rugs can be customized according to the color, size, material and design desired by the customer. When designing the hotel rooms, Joanna Laajisto wanted to emphasize the historical style and the unique colors of the era. Rich shades with references to the Jugend and Art Deco era were selected for the carpets.


Bo LKV Kruunuhaka office

In the beautifully renovated Bo LKV office, a sculptural sofa group rests beautifully on a Pilari rug designed by Ulla Koskinen. In the green-painted conference room, the oak conference table with chairs fits well with the Wicker rug designed by Joanna Laajisto. Location: Bo LKV Kruunuhaka Products: Pilari Bambu/Wool and Wicker hemp rug Interior design: Jenni Leikas Year: 2022 Photos: Juuso Soininen

Finland's fastest growing real estate broker Bo LKV opened a new office in Kruununhaka, Helsinki, in a neo-renaissance house built at the end of the 19th century. A bright office space opened in the former restaurant space, the renovation of which respected the old style and color of the house.

Interior architect Jenni Leikas designed the interior of the office. An impressive and fresh atmosphere reaches the visitor as soon as he enters the front door. The eye wanders from the harmonious herringbone parquet to the sculptural seating group resting on Roots Living's Pilari rug. The theme of cleverly painted walls continues from the lounge through the revolving doors to the green conference room, where a group of oak tables sits beautifully on a Wicker hemp rug from Roots Living.


Bo LKV Lahti office

A soft Pilari carpet was chosen for the Lounge space of Bo LKV's renewed office. The pattern of the rug designed by Ulla Koskinen converses wonderfully with the dark furniture and rough brick wall. Location: Bo LKV Lahti Products: Pilari Bambu/Willa Interior design: Jenni Leikas Year: 2021 Photos: Misa Kannos

The interior design of Bo LKV's office in Lahti was designed by Jenni Leikas. Leikas chose the Pilari carpet designed by Ulla Koskinen in the dark shade of coal gray-brown for the lounge space of the office. The carpet's graphic design and color scheme fits wonderfully with the rough materials of the space. The Pilari rug can be ordered in special sizes and without fringes.