Roots Living rugs are made in India

Roots Living rugs are made in India. Production starts with the order. Materials and yarns are ordered from local producers and delivered to supervised dyehouses. The yarns are dried in the open air and delivered to the chosen carpet weaver. The methods of making the carpet are weaving and knotting. The necessary special orders are planned with the weaver, such as the pattern of the carpet, special sizes and shapes. Weavers are experts in their profession who feel proud of their craftsmanship. Some of the carpets are washed and dried before finishing. In the finishing phase, the edges of the woven and knotted carpets are cut and knitted, and the surfaces are smoothed.

Bedspreads employ women

In the small village of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, we participate in a project that aims to support single mothers in the area. These women sew our Roots bedspreads made of silk and linen by hand, earning a regular income in a job market that otherwise discriminates against single parents. Some years ago, we donated used sewing machines to single parents in the area, and today these simple machines enable women to continue earning and living.

Roots home textiles

Roots throws, bed linen and towels are produced in Lithuania by two of our valued partners. Lithuania has a long European tradition and skill in the manufacture of linen products. The linen and wool yarns come from within Europe, and the origin of the materials and possible dyeing of the yarns are closely monitored by the partners. All companies in the production process follow the principles of sustainable development, the standards required by the textile industry, and the legislation supporting workers' rights.


Woven and knotted Roots rugs are delivered from the weaver to our partner's premises for finishing using two- and three-wheeled local means of transport. Finished and packed carpets and bedspreads are transported from Mirtzapur to Delhi by road transport and from Delhi to Helsinki by Finnair air freight. Due to the smoothness of customer deliveries, we use air freight instead of sea transport. Together with Finnair, we compensate air freight on an annual basis: the price of the compensation is based on the total weight of the cargo and it is prorated according to Finnair's compensation calculation. The compensation target is selected annually. From the air terminal, the carpets are transported by a private transport company to our central warehouse in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Textiles manufactured in Lithuania are transported to our warehouse by trucks as land transport.