On this page, you can find inspiring interior photos and see how Roots rugs, bedspreads and throws have been used in various interiors.


Choose a soft rug under the bed. It's wonderful to get out of the bed with a warm and soft carpet under your feet. A large carpet also improves the room's acoustics, structures the room and puts the furniture in its proper place. Finish the bedroom with the Roots bedspread and a Roots throw. 


Living room

The colour and pattern of the carpet can bring interest and contrast to the living room. A patterned rug balances a monochromatic sofa or otherwise clean-lined interior and brings interest to the interior. On the other hand, a single-colored carpet works as a wonderful background for furniture that you want to emphasize and bring out. Darker shades look great against a light floor and vice versa. The size of the carpet should be proportioned so that it completely delimits the functional space. In the living room, it means that the carpet extends under large pieces of furniture, either completely or partially. This makes the space feel larger and more peaceful.


Dining area

In the open space, a large rug placed under the table separates the dining area from the rest of the kitchen and sets the furniture in place. Choose the carpet according to the dimensions so that even when sitting, the chairs stay on the carpet. Under the dining table, the carpet feels pleasant underfoot. 


Other spaces