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Sample piece, Pile Viscose, taupe, 170x240 cm

Sample piece, Pile Viscose, taupe, 170x240 cm

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The Roots Pile Viscose viscose rug is silky soft and has a refined sheen and a beautifully vivid surface. This soft hand-knotted rug is 100% cotton viscose. Its softness and beautiful vibrant surface make it the perfect rug for your home.

This carpet is a sample piece, and you can come and see it at our showroom in Lauttasaari. The rug is in excellent condition.

If you are interested in more detailed information or additional pictures, you can send an inquiry to

Estimated delivery time 3-5 business days.

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Care instructions:

Vacuuming at low power in the direction of the pile with a carpet nozzle with no bristles or very soft bristles. Turn the rug 180 degrees regularly.

For all Roots Living rugs, we recommend that the rug is cleaned by a professional cleaner, where professionals choose the best possible way to wash the rug. For the Pile Viscose carpet, we recommend a washing method suitable for sensitive materials, such as foam washing. Flat water washing can be used, but it must be noted that the sheen and texture of the viscose may change in this washing method. When removing stains, rubbing must be avoided because then the viscose will lose its shine. Good ventilation during the drying process is essential. Shrinkage is about 3–5%.