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Plain Wool Melange Mud

Plain Wool Melange Mud

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New! The Plain Wool Melange rug’s earthy shade brings softness to the interior, and its minimalist look is perfect for any room. The colours of the Plain Wool Melange rugs are designed by Joanna Laajisto. Plain Wool Melange carpet is hand-woven from high-quality wool.
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Plain Wool Melange -carpet is suitable for many rooms. You can place it in the dining room, living room and bedroom. Playing on the carpet is nice and warm in the children’s room. The melange color is beautifully vivid. The color is created by combining three warm taupe colours.

The small marks and possible stains do not stand out as easily on a subtle melange surface as on a solid-colored carpet. A wool rug is easy to keep clean, as wool naturally repels dirt.

Plain Wool Melange carpet is also available in the shade of Sand and Chocolate. You will find the same beautiful colours also in Loop Wool Melange rugs. Choose, for example, a Plain Wool Melange carpet in the shade of Mud for the dining room and a Loop Wool carpet in the shade of Chocolate for the living room.

Design by Joanna Laajisto