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Roots Living

Loop Wool Graphite

Loop Wool Graphite

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Roots Loop wool rug is a classic choice for your home. Beautiful loop pattern is 100% handwoven wool. This warm and delicate rug suits for various interiors.

Estimated delivery time 3-5 working days.

Material: 100% wool pile with cotton warp

Sizes: 170×240 and 200×300 (dimensional accuracy +-2%)

Color: graphite

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Care instructions:

Vacuuming with a low-power carpet nozzle without bristles or very soft bristles. Rotate the rug 180 degrees regularly. Some individual yarns may rise from the carpet that can be cut off with scissors. For all Roots Living rugs, we recommend that the rug is cleaned by a professional cleaner, where professionals choose the best possible way to wash the rug. For the Loop Wool carpet, we recommend flat washing as a washing method. Good ventilation during the drying process is essential. The shrinkage is about 3-5%.