Runo Hotel Porvoo

Runo Hotel Porvoo

Nov 18, 2021

Roots Living participated in the decoration of RUNO Hotel Porvoo

In recent years, Porvoo has grown into a completely unique tourist destination, and its restaurant offering and nature experiences have risen to the forefront of our country with their quality and versatility. The old wooden houses lining the cobbled streets of Porvoo’s old town, small interior design shops and trendy restaurants create a unique milieu for the city.

RUNO Hotel Porvoo opened its doors to visitors on the eve of summer. The Jugend-style Valtimontalo, built in 1912 at the gate of old Porvoo, has been faithfully restored to its style. The interior of the boutique hotel is the sure handprint of the award-winning Joanna Laajisto and brings out the layers of recent history with rustic modern inspiration: it has a thoughtful combination of Finnish and Nordic design as well as high-quality natural materials and a harmonious color scheme. The renovation and interior designed and implemented with piety create a completely unique atmosphere in the hotel.

“Comfort and aesthetics increase well-being. That’s why we made our hotel an entity, where comfort and aesthetics are present, both in the big lines and in the small details,” says Erkka Hirvonen, the hotel’s founder and one of the owners. “All of our 56 rooms are soothing and relaxing, and each of them is a unique entity worth visiting.”

The rooms of RUNO Hotel Porvoo have been restored on the second and third floors of Valtimontalo, former living and office spaces. The renovation and restoration work was the responsibility of local craftsmen. Wall panels painted with linseed oil paint, beautifully restored windows, coarse plank floors and large stone tiles on the floor and walls of the bathrooms create a unique atmosphere in the rooms. Roots Living’s wool rugs and linen bedspreads bring softness and warmth to rooms.

Guests can also use the Living Room, Kitchen and Bar open to all, as well as the Mini Spa located in the attic and up-to-date meeting facilities. The reception’s beautiful living areas, relaxed sofa groups and large Roots Living wool rugs attract visitors to throw themselves in the hotel’s unique atmosphere.

“The history of Valtimontalo and Porvoo, as well as the links between the region’s culture, tourism and Finnishness, have been an encouraging and inspiring role model for us,” says Erkka Hirvonen. “We hope that as our guest you can feel the history of Valtimontalo and Porvoo as told by RUNO Hotel Porvoo.”

Roots Living offers interior designers cooperation for both homes and public spaces. Carpets made by hand from natural materials can be customized for projects, both in terms of color and size. With regard to other textiles, we can also be involved in the design already in the initial stages and realize together customer-oriented interior sets according to the wishes of the customer.

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