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The new wool melange rugs!


New melange wool rugs!

The Roots Living wool rug collection is expanding with the new earthy colours. The popular Plain Wool and Loop Wool carpets are accompanied by beautiful earthy colour tones. The award-winning designer and designer Joanna Laajisto has designed three new melange shades of the collection.

The new wool rugs Plain Wool Melange and Loop Wool Melange are all handwoven from 100% wool. The warp of the carpets is cotton. The restrained and timeless colour of each rug is made up of three different colored threads and thus creates a beautiful vivid surface. You can find the new melange shades in the soft Loop Wool Melange rugs, and Plain Wool Melange rugs in the same shade.

"The color scheme of interior decoration has moved towards warm and earthy tones. These new shades of Melange rugs match today's popular interior materials and darker woods and complement our existing collection seamlessly," says Pekka Ainamo, founder of Roots Living.

The earthy tones harmonize together

The main idea of ​​Roots Living is to offer interior design products, where carpets and other home textiles made of natural materials fit together beautifully and create a harmonious color scheme for the premises. The new Melange wool rugs continue this line.

The shades Sand , Mud and Chocolate of the new Melange carpets harmonize beautifully with different natural materials such as different wood materials, linen and hemp. The rugs also match each other wonderfully. For example, choose a plain Plain Wool Melange rug for the dining room and a soft Loop Wool Melange rug for the living room, either in the same color, or bring darkness and atmosphere to the living room by choosing a chocolate-colored Loop Wool Melange rug .
The colour Mud is a beautiful brown with a greyish tint. Both light and dark furniture and objects stands out wonderfully from the medium-toned Mud carpet. Mud is a wonderful and timeless shade that fits many places and interiors.
The Sand is a slightly darker taupe. If you are looking for a carpet with a light overall appearance, then Sand is a great color choice.
In the chocolate shade, the browns of different shades stands out beautifully from each other and form a wonderful restrained melange.
Easy-care wool rugs can also be ordered with your own measurements

As a natural material, wool is durable, practical and easy to care for. Wool rugs naturally repel dirt. Even the small marks and possible stains left by life disappear more easily on a melange surface than on a single-colored carpet.

The stock sizes of the carpets are 170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm. As a novelty, a large 250 x 350 cm carpet is also available from stock. The 250 x 350 cm carpet fits well in the dining room, bedroom and living room. All carpets can also be ordered in special sizes.
Here you can find out what's new!

Loop Wool Melange wool carpet, chocolate

615.00 1,120.00 Select options
  • Loop Wool Melange wool carpet, mud

    615.00 1,120.00 Select options
  • Loop Wool Melange rug, sand

    615.00 1,120.00 Select options
  • Plain Wool Melange rug, chocolate

    550.00 995.00 Select options
  • Plain Wool Melange rug, mud

    550.00 995.00 Select options
  • Plain Wool Melange rug, sand

    550.00 995.00 Select options
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