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Sample Sale

Sample pieces at discounted prices.

Bed Linen

High-quality linen sheets breathe and feel pleasant against the skin.

Soft linen towels

Soft and absorbent linen towels in natural colours!

Bring warmth and softness to your home with natural materials.

"Roots Living is a Finnish interior design concept that offers ecologically and responsibly produced products from natural materials. We do our work to decorate today's homes that bring beauty and well-being to their residents. The timeless products made from natural materials and the Nordic color scheme create soothing and refreshing ensembles at the same time. Roots Living creates an atmosphere in which it is good to live."
Pekka Ainamo – Roots Living, founder

Social Responsibility

Roots Living's philosophy is strongly based on our values, with a focus on ethics and social responsibility. As a result, the entire production process of our carpets and other textiles is under constant supervision by our partners.


Uplan offers you the opportunity to design a carpet or bedspread with your own dimensions or color. In addition to standard-sized carpets and bedspreads, you can order our products in any size or color.