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1-6-2-1 – [close-up] Light Grey Rock zoom


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1-6-2-1 – [close-up] Light Grey Rock
1-6-2-1 – [close-up] Light Grey Rock
1-6-2-5 – [interior] Light Grey Rock
1-6-2-2 – [product] Light Grey Rock 200×300
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Rock Light Grey

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Rock rug is designed by Joanna Laajisto and part of the Roots Living Designer Collection. The carpet pattern and colour scheme are inspired by the Baltic archipelago and the beautiful stripes of the cliffs. The hand-knotted Rock carpet is made of wool and bamboo viscose yarn spun together. The split pile emphasizes the beautiful hand-drawn pattern. The ends of the carpet are finished with an edge detail, which gives the carpet a degree of posture and contrast alongside the organic design. Part of the carpet sales income is donated to the Baltic Sea.

Estimated delivery time 3-5 working days.

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Material: 50% wool, 50% bamboo with cotton warp

Sizes: 170×240 and 200×300 (dimensional accuracy +-2%)

Color: Light Grey

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Care instructions: Low-power vacuuming with a carpet nozzle without bristles or very soft bristles. Rotate the carpet 180 degrees regularly. For all Roots Living rugs, we recommend that the rug is cleaned by a professional cleaner, where professionals choose the best possible way to wash the rug.  For the Rock carpet, we recommend a method suitable for sensitive materials, such as foam washing. Flat water washing can be used, but it should be noted that the gloss and texture of the bamboo viscose may change in this washing method. Abrasion must be avoided when removing stains. Good ventilation during the drying process is essential. The shrinkage is about 3-5%.

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170×240 cm, 200×300 cm