Roots Living Designer Collection


Roots Living Designer Collection combines Finnish Design with Indian craftsmanship.

The Roots Living Designer Collection has been created in collaboration with Finnish designers Ulla Koskinen and Joanna Laajisto. The purpose of the cooperation is to bring out Finnish design combined with Indian craftsmanship and to raise awareness of environmental issues through design.

Ethics and social responsibility guide Roots Living. A natural follow-up to our work was to ask our designers to select a charity target for their work, which at the same time served as a source of inspiration for the design of the collection.

“I want to create products that will stand the test of time and become beloved life partners for their owners. This will, at best, allow the product to pass from one generation to the next.”


“Without the solid skill of
the weavers, the hand-drawn
line I draw could not be repeated
with such sensitivity.”


The designers of the Roots Living Designer Collection:


Ulla Koskinen is a designer and a journalist who has studied textile art and clothing design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. In addition to her diverse career as a designer, she has worked as a specialist in several interior design publications. Ulla Koskinen is the founder and editor-in-chief of Asun magazine.

Ulla Koskinen’s designs are guided by the nature of the space and building, atmosphere and selected objects as well as colors and materials. She wants to create timeless, sophisticated interiors, brochures and concepts for today and for the future.

Ulla Koskinen’s customers include Woodnotes, Adea, Artek, Marimekko, Durat and Kannustalo.

Joanna Laajisto

Joanna Laajisto is an interior architect and designer who has studied and pursued her career on the west coast of the United States. Prior to moving to her home country, Finland, she worked for Gensler, an international architectural firm in Los Angeles, to design major commercial projects. In addition to her degree in interior design, she is a LEED accredited designer, which makes her an expert in environmental and energy efficient design.

Functionality, quality and aesthetics are the main principles of Joanna Laajisto’s design. Whether it’s an interior, a product or a service, her philosophy is to create beautiful, long-lasting and meaningful design. Understanding of human behavior and sustainable development is the basis of everything.

Works of Joanna Laajisto have been widely published in both national and international media. She has clients from the Nordic countries to all over Europe.

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  • Ketju Charcoal-Brown

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  • Ketju Sand

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  • Pilari Bamboo/Wool Blue-Vanilla

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  • Pilari Bamboo/Wool Charcoal-Brown

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  • Pilari Hemp Natural-Black

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  • Rock Light Grey

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  • Rock Mud Grey

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  • Wicker natural

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