Roots Living at the Housing Fair in Naantali

July 6, 2022

Roots Living at the Housing Fair in Naantali

The Housing Fair (Asuntomessut) opens to the public from 15 July to 14 August 2022 in Naantali. On the beautiful island of Luonnonmaa, the Housing Fair area named Lounatuuli is located by the sea only five kilometers from the center of Naantali.
Roots Living carpets can be seen in Kati Jensen’s Villa Pinta home, location no. 13. The interesting house designed by the architect has large windows that offer a wonderful view of the forest and seascape. Villa Pinta is one of the largest sites in the area, and Bo Lkv was responsible for its interior design.

In Villa Pinta’s interior, the rough stone surfaces have been paired with soft natural materials. Roots Living’s handmade rugs bring warmth to the interior and beautifully demarcate living and dining areas. The interior was designed by Bo’s lead designer, interior designer Anu Tuomikoski.

asuntomessut villa pinta

During the fair, the Pilari rug designed by Ulla Koskinen and the new Fringe Hemp Dark Brown are on display in the house. The beautiful Fringe Hemp carpet works wonderfully as a pair for a dark kitchen and ties the black details found in the house’s architecture together with the interior.

The strong pattern of the Pilari rug designed by Ulla Koskinen brings rhythm to the interior of the study and creates a pleasant contrast with the light wall surfaces. Pilari, hand-knotted from soft hemp, feels wonderfully soft as a companion to a harder floor surface.

In the dining room, beautiful oak table group sits nicely on Roots Living´s Wicker hemp rug designed by Joanna Laajisto. Wicker creates a beautiful platform in the dining area, and as a material hemp is easy to keep clean. Natural colored hemp is a perfect match for Tebian’s oak colored dining table and serving cart.

In cooperation with: Bo LKV

Furniture design and styling: Bo LKV

Photos: Juuso Soininen, Janina Pietilä