Roots Living decorating the Pearl of Kruunuhaka

June 6, 2022

Roots Living decorating the Pearl of Kruunuhaka

Bo Lkv, Finland’s fastest growing real estate broker, opened a new office in Helsinki’s Kruunuhaka, in a residential building representing the Neo-Renaissance built at the end of the 19th century.
A wonderful and bright office opened up in the former restaurant space, the renovation of which respected the old style and coloring of the house. Roots Living’s carpets were also involved in decorating the wonderful space.

The impressive atmosphere of the office starts as soon as you enter the front door. The eye wanders from the harmonious herringbone parquet to the sculptural lounge group consisting of Adea’s sofa and armchair and marble-topped coffee table on Roots Living’s Pilari rug.

After extensive renovation, the building’s hidden glamor was revealed. “It was clear from the beginning that I wanted to bring the dignity of the area and the delicious colors from the architecture into the interior,” says interior architect Jenni Leikas, who was responsible for the overall design of the office.

The Pilari rug designed by Ulla Koskinen for Roots Living is hand-knotted from bamboo and wool, and its coloring beautifully echoes the office’s blue and light vanilla.

The glass elements that organize the spaces and the beautifully changing color shades of the wall surfaces arouse interest and the desire to move from one space to another. “When choosing the furniture and materials, I respected the spirit dictated by the building, but practicality was the primary criterion. The selected genuine natural materials in the furniture and textiles restrain the joy of color created by the walls,” Jenni adds.

The pastel colors of the walls change from room to room. The theme of ingeniously painted walls continues from the lounge through the glass doors to the green conference room, where Nikari’s oak table group sits nicely on Roots Living’s Wicker hemp rug.

The Wicker hemp rug designed by Joanna Laajisto for Roots Living fits wonderfully with the precious green color tone and the beautiful oak.

High-quality Finnish materials have been used in the renovation of the office, and Nordic designer furniture and lighting have been used in the interior design. According to the story, the giant mirror decorating the back wall of the workspace is the largest uniform mirror surface in Helsinki. The almost unreal-looking board-framed mirror is an important part of the house’s heritage and history.

Roots Living’s handmade Pilari rug and the marble top of Adea’s table together create a refined and elegant whole.

“The spacious office has room for a couple more enthusiastic and professional real estate agents. I believe that a good team and a cozy office create the best framework for pleasant working”, says the office’s sales director Anna Pesonius.

Location: Bo LKV Kruununhaka 

In cooperation with Bo LKV

Photos by Juuso Soininen

Interior design: Jenni Leikas