What kind of carpet is suitable for which space?


What kind of carpet is suitable for which space?

In our story series “Carpet as a part of the interior”, we have already covered topics related to the choice of carpet, such as what effect the carpet has on the atmosphere of the interior and how to size the carpet to suit the space. When the dimensions are clear, it’s good to think about what kind of material and texture fits the space. Will the carpet be in a condition where it is subject to heavy wear? Do you move furniture such as an office chair on top of the carpet? Do we spend time sitting on the floor on a carpet? When choosing a carpet, you should therefore pay attention to the properties of the materials and the texture of the carpet, on the one hand, and to your own way of living and being at home, on the other hand. A carefully chosen carpet that suits your needs lasts a long time and moves from home to home.

Choose the material according to the purpose of use

When choosing a carpet material, it is good to first think about which room the carpet is going to be placed in and how much wear the carpet has? What will the carpet be used for? Is it likely that the carpet gets dirty easily, for example with dirt from shoes? Will a dining set be placed on top of the carpet or will children use the carpet as a play surface. Along with practical questions, it is at least as important to think about your own preferences and visions. What kind of decoration and atmosphere do you want to achieve with the carpet and how would you like the carpet to feel?

Go through at least the following questions when choosing a carpet:

In which room will the carpet go?

How much wear is the carpet?

Does the carpet get dirty easily?

How is the carpet used? Do you move a chair on it, for example, or do children play on the carpet?

What kind of carpets do you like and how would you like the carpet to feel?

Which material works in which space?

Living rooms, bedrooms and offices are generally areas of the home where the carpet has a lighter wear compared to the kitchen or hallways. There are many material options for these spaces, and consideration of one’s own needs and preferences is emphasized. In the hall and kitchen, the consumption is usually higher and, for example, getting dirty is more likely, which is why you should choose wear-resistant and easy-to-maintain materials for these spaces.

Living room and bedroom

Basically, carpets made of all kinds of materials are suitable for the living room and bedroom. Since there are many material options, it is important to pay attention to your own needs when choosing a carpet. What kind of use is the living room in your family? Do you want a silky soft carpet in the living room or a coarser natural look with a hemp carpet? Soft pile carpets such as the Ketju rug or viscose carpets such as the Pile Viscose rug are excellent choices for the living room.

However, if you know that there may be a mess in the living room and you worry about choosing a more delicate viscose mat, wool is a great and safe choice for the living room. Soft wool rugs in Roots Living’s selection include the dense and effortlessly beautiful Pile Wool rug and the rich and plush Long Pile Wool rug. For those looking for a flat and thin wool carpet, the Plain Wool rug is a good choice.

A soft carpet is suitable for the bedroom, because you move around the room with bare feet and the soft material of the carpet feels pleasant against the skin. More sensitive materials such as viscose and bamboo also work in bedrooms. The subtle shine of these materials also gives the space a luxurious feel.

Entrance hall and kitchen

The carpet in the hallway is usually the most worn. The carpet may get wet and the dirt gets carried to the carpet with the shoes. Hemp and wool rugs work best in hallways, as they are easy to clean. Wool naturally repels dirt, and hemp carpet stains come off after drying by vacuuming. Possible moisture also does not affect these materials. Among the wool rugs from the Roots Living collection, the Plain Wool rug is the most suitable for hallways due to its smooth and dense surface. Hemp mats, on the other hand, have several different options for the hallway. In the previous article, we discussed hemp and its properties as a material in more detail. You can read the story here.

Pay attention to the texture and weaving technique – the comfort of use improves

Rugs with a smooth weave are well suited for walkways and rooms where, for example, a chair is moved on top of the rug. In offices, the Fringe Bamboo carpet is a good choice. The flat surface makes it easy to move the chair and its vivid color tone brings life to the office interior. The Fringe Bamboo rug has a slightly softer feel than the Plain Wool rug. You can also choose a slightly more delicate material for the study, such as bamboo viscose.

Hand-woven Fringe Hemp and Plain Wool rugs, which are classic and timeless choices and feel pleasant underfoot, are well suited for the dining area. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a pile carpet under the dining table, flat and compact carpets such as Pile Linen or Pile Wool carpets are good options. Tightly knotted rugs with moderate pile length work well in the dining room.

In families with domestic animals, the texture of the carpet must be durable and tight, because, for example, a cat’s claws can get caught in the knotted loops. In this case, you should avoid the Loop Wool model from Roots, as the animal’s claws may get caught in its loops and the thread may rise. Closely and tightly knotted carpets such as Pile Linen or Pile Wool carpets are very suitable for animal families.

This article is part of our story series: Carpet as part of interior design. One of the core values ​​of Roots Living is to create time-lasting products that bring joy and remain in our everyday life for years. In the best case, carefully selected products are passed down from generation to generation. We want to encourage and help people make interior design choices that support this. We offer tips for choosing a carpet and tell you what effect the carpet has on the interior. Our goal is to help you make sustainable choices in interior design and make choosing a carpet easier.